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Enjoy the nightlife of Mykonos on your Mediterranean holiday

Mykonos is one of the most liberal and tolerant locations in all of the Mediterranean, making a vacation here ideal for those that want to party, get wild, and have fun. It’s also terrific for those in the gay, lesbian, and transgendered community with clubs that cater to all desires. The island is full of bars, dance clubs, night clubs, and beach spots where they bust out the music and alcohol and let the partygoers have fun all night long.
Hedonism is approved of here, which makes it wonderful for couples and singles but probably not a great place for families. There are still beaches to enjoy but a Mediterranean holiday to Mykonos should be about finding fun, romance, and passion or expanding that in your relationship. You’ll certainly have a great time as you dance the night away and find new ways to have fun.

A Mediterranean holiday on the biggest Greek island Crete

The size of Crete is what makes it an ideal spot for a terrific Mediterranean holiday. Because it’s so large you can have anything and everything you want, allowing for a varied vacation. If one day you crave solitude then head to one of the less traveled areas and take in the beauty of nature or relax on a mostly empty beach and listen to the sounds of the waves crashing on the sand.
If the next day you want culture, life, people, and party fun then head to one of the hotspots and take it all in. See historical buildings and eat great food during the day then head to the bars and nightclubs when the sun sets to live it up. Crete offers hotels for every budget range so the fun never has to stop.

Enjoy the beaches of Sardinia on your Mediterranean holiday

Fun fact: Sardinia has more than 1800 kilometers of coastline, giving the island a huge number of beaches to browse. A great deal of that coastline is sandy so if you’re so inclined you can easily find a quiet spot to spend a little romantic time with your loved ones. Plus, the island gets more than 300 days of sunshine a year so chances are good you’re spending your time getting a tan and enjoying the warmth.
Sardinia is a bit pricey so if you don’t have a fairly sizable bank account you might want to skip it but if you can put together a little chunk of change it’s well worth a look. The beaches are beautiful, the hotels are breathtaking, and the level of service you receive makes it feel luxurious even if you’re not paying a sky high price.

Head to the Greek island of Zante for a Mediterranean holiday

Zante is a beautiful, scenic Greek island filled with white sand beaches, secluded coves, and family friendly activities. Travel the quiet coast and you’ll be amazed as beach after beach is utterly charming and beautiful along with being totally peaceful. Keep hunting and you’ll find gorgeous coves filled with sea animals to admire and beaches to lounge on in almost complete privacy.
Head to the town of Laganas and find a healthy nightlife where you can dance, bar hop, and generally have all sorts of fun. If you want a little bit of Greek tradition then try out Zante Town and Kefalonia. You’ll find hotels and villas to rent along with smaller bed and breakfast type places that will cater to your specific needs. If you crave beauty and fun and a good nightlife on your Mediterranean holiday Zante is a perfect place.

Spend your Mediterranean holiday on Majorca

Beach goers should consider a Mediterranean holiday to Majorca. The beautiful Balearic Island (there are many other Balearics to choose from if you want variety) offers a variety of destinations that cater to your specific needs. If you want something family friend they have multiple resorts you can pick from to ensure your kids are catered to while you enjoy special time with your spouse.
If you want something more romantic there are resorts that ensure couples are the center of attention. If you want a simple, lazy vacation you can have it. If you want watersports activities they provide that as well. In short, it’s the ideal spot for any type of beachgoer, making it a must see for a Mediterranean holiday. The upside is that every single choice is jaw droppingly beautiful, meaning you can’t go wrong.

Get active on a Mediterranean holiday to Corsica

The best thing about a Mediterranean holiday is that you have so many choices. You can cater your trip to your exact desires and have tons of fun as a result. All you need to do is determine what you want from your vacation. For instance, if you’re looking for an active and varied Mediterranean holiday you should consider Corsica.
Hit the mountains and you can hike or ride a bike while taking in the breathtaking views. Hit the beach and you can try windsurfing, kayaking, or surfing to test your skills and work your muscles. If you want to hit the sea without getting wet then rent a boat or yacht and let them take you out into the water for the most romantic night of your life. You can golf on Corsica or try more extreme sports experiences. They’ve made sure that you can do just about everything on the amazing island and have the best Mediterranean holiday ever.

Get wild on a Mediterranean holiday to Ibiza

Over the years Ibiza has become the world’s top spot for fun, fun, fun. The island is filled with clubs and parties to attend on a nightly basis. Stay up to the wee hours and hit the bed only when the sun is up and your buzz is wearing off. Dance in clubs to thumping music that fills your ears and makes your hips sway. Move in time with the sexy people and do shots, eat appetizers, and more. It’s an ideal Mediterranean holiday for the young and sexy or the those looking to feel that way. You can find accommodations for all budgets on Ibiza so your Mediterranean holiday can be as you like it. Whether you’re a big spender or you want to keep it simple you can do as you like and have fun. Be sure to save plenty of money for the clubs and bars you’re going to visit as you’ll be fueling your nights of amazing partying with tons of booze, no doubt. If you don’t want to drink and party then don’t go to Ibiza.

Get away from it all by going to Costa Brava

Some people crave a Mediterranean holiday filled with people, clubs, parties, etc. Others want something far more peaceful and quiet and for those folks Costa Brava is an ideal location. It’s not terribly remote but it’s largely free of the crush of tourists and heavy population because the rocky geography prevents the building of mega hotels, condos, and big towns.
Instead you get small villages that sustain an old fashioned way of life. There are boutique hotels, a bed and breakfast for every need, and lots of local places to enjoy. It’s a great way to immerse yourself in the culture and get away from the hustle and bustle of many Mediterranean holidays. Plus, there are beaches galore where you can waste the days doing nothing but soaking up the sun, reading a good book, and enjoying the local flavor.

Go diving on a Mediterranean holiday in Malta

If you’re a scuba diver you should consider a Mediterranean holiday to Malta, or the Maltese coast to be exact. Just off the shore you’ll find dozens of amazing dive sites where you can explore the natural rock formations and the beautiful creatures that live under the sea waiting to be admired.

Make sure you look up the Blue Hole, a natural rock formation that runs 26 meters deep and has been carved over the years by the repetitive flow of water. You can also travel to the nearby island of Gozo and find dozens more amazing dive sites that should satiate your need for excellent underwater adventures. There is truly no end to the diving fun you can have in Malta but you can always come out of the water and enjoy the man amazing restaurants, bars, beaches, clubs, and more.